Episode title is the Nth episode in the series.

Plot synopsis Edit

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Appearances Edit

Characters Edit

  • John Watson
  • Emma Swan
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard
  • Regina Mills
  • David Nolan
  • August Booth
  • Henry Mills
  • Dr. Whale
  • Granny
  • Ruby
    • Red Riding Hood (mentioned only)

Notes & trivia Edit

Episode connections Edit

Event chronology Edit

  • The Storybrooke events of this episode take place after "Dreamy" and before "Heart of Darkness". 

Connections Edit

  • Emma's love for grilled cheese, which Ruby is sent to buy, is also referred to in "Unforgiven".
  • Kathryn went missing in "What Happened to Frederick" and David was detained by Emma and John in "Dreamy

Cultural references Edit

Fairytale and Folklore Edit

  • Henry mentions to Ruby that maybe she should take things on foot to people in a little basket, a  reference to Ruby's fairy-tale character who also carried things in a little basket on foot to help with her grandmother, who was sick.
  • Elizabeth refers to Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist from The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien.
    • She also refers to the Lonely Mountain, the mountain Bilbo and the dwarves travel to.
    • Another note, Martin Freeman who is John Watson also portrayed Bilbo Baggins in the film series.

Pop culture Edit

  • Granny sarcastically calls Ruby "Liza", a reference to Liza Minnelli who is also a drag queen
  • Ruby refers to Granny as Norman and his mother, Norma Bates.
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