John Watson, also known as the Dark One and Dr. Watson, is one of the two protagonists, along with Emma Swan


During First CurseEdit

When they are old enough, John marries her at eighteen. However, shortly after their marriage, Sarah is killed in an accident. After his wife's death, John gives up baby Elizabeth, while having her up since he could not be a father without the mother.}}

 Before Second Curse Edit

With Pan's curse enacted, John and Emma have no choice but to say goodbye to each other. As John and Sherlock later recall, John and his daughter lived in America while getting to know Henry, Emma's son. They also recall they were in America visiting Emma. Killian finds them first by giving John half of the memory potion for John to remember and convince Sherlock and Ivy to go to America to meet some friends in Storybrooke.

 Family Edit

Queen Eva
King Leopold
Evil QueenRuth
Snow White
Mary Margaret
Prince Charming
David Nolan
Prince James
Prince NealKillian Jones
Emma Swan
Neal CassidyJohn Watson
Mary Watson †
Henry MillsIvy Watson
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