Emma Swan is one of the two protagonists, along with John Watson.

Biography Edit

Emma is born as Princess Emma in the Enchanted Forest to Snow White and Prince Charming on October 22, 1983.. She is the elder sister of John Watson by five minutes ("Pilot")

Family Edit

Queen Eva
King Leopold
Evil QueenRuth
RobertKing George
Snow White
Mary Margaret
Prince Charming
David Nolan
Prince James
Sarah Cassidy
John WatsonEmma Swan
Neal CassidyRegina Mills
Liz WatsonHenry Mills

  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage, adoption relationships and relationships that result in offspring
  • † denotes the deceased
  • *Both Prince Charming and Prince James were adopted by King George
  • *Emma and Neal have never been married
  • Henry Mills is the adopted son of Regina Mills
  • Liz is the adopted daughter of Snow White as Mary Margaret Blanchard

Etymology Edit

  • "Emma" means "all-embracing, universal; whole, complete;"
  • Her last name Swan comes from her first foster family. It is derived from the famous ballet Swan Lake or The Swan Princess and
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