221B Baker Street is a Land Without Magic Location in Once upon a Time in England.


During First CurseEdit

221 B-Baker Street is somehow aquired by Martha Hudson after the death of her husband. She allowed Sherlock to stay there because he ensured her husband would be sentanced to death in Florida. 


John Watson lives here with his best friend Sherlock Holmes until his supposed death with Moriarty killing Holmes. However, he moves to America and lives in the same building with his sister, Emma Swan until his daughter shows up.

After Second Curse Edit

After John, Sherlock, Emma, Henry and Elizabeth leave Storybrooke, John, Sherlock and Elizabeth return to England while Emma and Henry stay. With new memories, Elizabeth remembers being with her father most of the time and adapts a British accent. However, as soon as her father tells her and Sherlock they're going on a small vacation with a friend named Killian, who is in actuality, Captain Hook.

Inhabitants Edit

Visitors Edit

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